Shopping Around For Lenders

The lowest interest rate doesn't always mean the most savings. In this video, I go into the often-overlooked aspects of securing a mortgage that can save you thousands in the long run.
From helping you to compare apples to apples to make an educated decision despite confusing and sometimes misleading quotes to personalized wealth strategies, we're not just about getting you a loan; we're about setting you up for financial success.
Our comprehensive approach to home financing goes beyond just numbers to provide you with peace of mind and a path to growing your wealth. Because we believe in offering you a service that's not just about the rate you pay, but the value you gain.
I also wanted to share this to explain how mortgage rates shopping and the industry as a whole work. Unfortunately, advertised and quoted rates are confusing at best and misleading at worst, so if you see a rate that looks better, please send it over. A written quote, preferably a loan estimate or fee worksheet so that we can see what you're really being offered and what it's actually costing, will help me to request an exception to meet or beat a competitor if we aren't already.
I also provided a PDF with some questions that you might want to ask loan officers as you shop around because you'll want to know that they are going to take care of you before, during, and after you get your keys and they're compensated.


"Fairway helped my husband and I buy our first home. They made the purchasing process literate. Not only did they push to get us a historically low interest rate, but they gave us a $10k incentive for closing costs. That alone is worthy of a five star review. As a bonus, the staff are very friendly and personable. Looking forward to working with them on the purchase of our second home."

gillian dean

"We worked with Goldberg Team on our first home and we have a very smooth and stress free experience with them. Will choose to work with them again if we ever need home loan."

claudia quilitorio

"Brandon and team worked closely with me to address all aspects of my loan application and shepherd me through the loan approval process. Great customer service here!"

marlon pangilinan